1954 Flxible Twin Coach FT2-40 #358-363

Calgary Transit purchased 6 1954 Flxible Twin Coach FT2-40's numbered 358-363.  Originally these buses were gasoline powered, but were later refitted to be diesel powered by changing out the F.T.C. 220 421 cubic inch engine, producing 220 horsepower, but were later refitted with the AEC AH470 diesel engine.  These buses were used on routes to Bowness and to the CPR Ogden Shops as extras.

Thumbnail Bus # Date Description
ct358.jpg (81946 bytes) 358 March 22, 1965 358 is shown along the Ogden Route (Later known as the Route 24 - Ogden) as this bus heads through towards the community of Ramsay past where the Victoria Park Bus Garage now stands