In 1908 Edmonton's first transit system started operation. It was then known as the Edmonton Radial Railway and had a fleet of 7 streetcars and 21 Km of track. This system would grow and come to include a trolleybus system that started service on September 24, 1939 which provided service over 127 Km of wire at its peak, a motor bus fleet which has had buses fuelled by gasoline, propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), and diesel, and even a test bus fuelled by methanol, and a light rail transit (LRT) line which started service on April 22, 1978 and includes a fleet of 94 light rail vehicles (LRVs). The ERR changed its name to Edmonton Transportation system in 1946 and soon after to Edmonton Transit System. That was changed to just Edmonton Transit from 1976 until June 29, 1997 when it became known as the Edmonton Transit System once again. Streetcar service was abandoned on September 2, 1951. Trolleybus service ended May 2, 2009. Motor buses, and of course the LRT are all operating today.

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