TTC 1982 BBC/GMDD HR150G #9151-9199 (leased from Edmonton Transit)

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ttc_9151a.jpg (150341 bytes) 9151 9151 at Oakwood Ave and Davenport Rd, operating on Route 63 Ossington. The coach was later outfitted with a TTC crest on the front. August 29, 1991
ttc_9151.jpg (212960 bytes) 9151 9151 on Route 6 Bay on Bedford Rd. This was the last trolley coach to pull into the garage, ending 46 years of trolley bus operations in Toronto. July 16, 1993
ttc_9154a.jpg (171958 bytes) 9154 9154 on Bay St at King St operating on Route 6 Bay. This coach must have had a rear collision in Toronto  as the rear tailgate is from a regular GM bus - you can see the rivet holes for the rear advertising frame, the tiger-stripe caution tape, and the bottom section of the tailgate is painted white, standard for TTC buses in the original CLRV type paint scheme. And of course there is the full width rear window. May 27, 1993
ttc_9154.jpg (188638 bytes) 9154 9154 on Bay Street as a route 6. July 1993
ttc_9159.jpg (152003 bytes) 9159 9159 on Route 4 Annette, at Dupont St & Davenport Rd heading towards St. George Station.  This bus later had its BBC name plate changed to a GMC plate. August 8, 1991
ttc_9170_9321.jpg (158481 bytes) 9170 9170 and 9321 in storage at the Wade Yard on Lansdowne Ave. BBC coaches were ordinarily not parked in the Wade Yard, but kept at the main Lansdowne Garage. As trolley coaches began to be withdrawn in December 1991, many were parked in the Wade Yard, while operating coaches continued to run from the garage ?
9170 9170 outside of Lansdowne Garage. May 1991
ttc_9171.jpg (141328 bytes) 9171 9171 signed up for Route 6 Bay, awaiting its next run at the Lansdowne Garage. December 5, 1992
9172 9172 on Route 6 Bay, taken January 1992, only days before the first retirement of trolleys, on Bay St near the Bay subway station. January 1992
ttc_9174.jpg (146973 bytes) 9174 9174 operating on Route 63 Ossington Northbound on Oakwood Ave, North of St. Clair. December 24, 1991
ttc_9177_8716.jpg (151513 bytes) 9177 9177 and 8716 awaiting their next runs at Lansdowne Garage. December 5, 1992
9182 9182 on Route 6B Bay, taken July 1993 by Robert McMann, on Front St at Yonge St, by the Hockey Hall of Fame, only days before the second and final retirement of trolleys in Toronto. July 1993
ttc_9186_9250.jpg (177769 bytes) 9186 9186 and 9250 awaiting their next assignments at the Lansdowne Garage. March 23, 1991
ttc_9187.jpg (155563 bytes) 9187 9187 operating on Route 6B Bay, northbound at Elm St. 9187 was involved in a front-end collision and operating with an almost all-white front until replacement decals were sent from Edmonton. September 5, 1991
ttc_9196.jpg (189435 bytes) 9196 9196 on layover as a Route 6 Bay. July 1993
ttc_9197.jpg (87078 bytes) 9197 9197 posed for photos on Weston Rd, with Flyer 9323 behind, on the trolley coach sunset charter. January 18th, 1992
ttc_9199.jpg (195543 bytes) 9199 9199 on Route 6B Bay at Bay & Front St. July 1993

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